Bristol & District CC 2012

We had a fantastic day at the Bristol & District Show. Theo was awarded his 3rd an qualifying Grand making him up to Grand Premier. Labash One Direction was awarded his 4th Best of Breed.

Thanks to Theo and Harry’s judges.

Theo’s show report from Pat Perkins:


GR. AGGETTS PR ISADORYOU THEODORE – (13.3.10) Massive Red Tabby Maine Coon.  Solid muscular build, just a tad well padded in the tummy region, long body, legs thick and high, large rounded feet complete with under tufts. Mature strong skull, square muzzle, oblique set to warm hazel eyes, nose broad, gentle concave curve, his ears were set high, wide at base, long tips and well feathered.  Glossy thick coat showing distinct dark red classic tabby markings, broken back lines, M and spectacles to head, necklaces, legs ringed as was his very long full tail, which reached his shoulders – lovely laid back lad.