Lakeland & District CC June 2012

Abicasa Risky Business made the long trip to the Lake District to attend the Lakeland show. Jake won his Breed Class, Best of Breed all of his miscellaneous classes, then topped the day off with his second Best Siamese Kitten win. Mrs S Hamilton’s report from the show.

‘What a lovely baby – I would put him into the “exciting category!”. He is still a very young kitten but his strength of head is apparent and is beautifully balanced. He already shows the desired superior Siamese expression- I look forward to seeing his progress as he matures. Excellent temperament ,he was shown and prepared to advantage. A real little stunner!   Head type is excellent in every respect  with large, flared ears, excellent strength to almost roman profile and with a deep chin perfecting the balance. Expressive, deep blue eyes of typical shape and setting. Bite is level. Long, baby body already muscular with budding masculinity. He stands on long limbs and neat oval paws.  Excellent long, fine and tapering tail . Still in baby coat stage with corresponding  texture. Lovely blue points colour. Initally I thought he was monorchid but  the second testicle can be detected. I love him!’