Grand Premier Isadoryou Theodore (64 41d) (Theo )

Grand Premier Isadoryou Theodore (64 41d) (Theo )

1st Open BOB Gwynedd 2010.

1st Open BOB MCBS 2010

1st Open BOB Chester & North Wales 2010

1st Open BOB Herts & Middx 2010

1st Open BOB BOBCS 2010

1st Open BOB Cambria 2010

1st Open BOB Yorkshire CCC 2010

1st Open and 1st Special Kitten Class (out of 30) Supreme 2010

Maine Coon Cat Club Points Trophies 2010

Best AOC Male Kitten, Best AOC Kitten
& Best Maine Coon Kitten 2010

1st PC KK&N 2011

1st PC BOB TCC 2011

1st PC YCCC 2011

Grand West Country 2012

Res Grand Coventry & Leicester 2012

Grand East Sussex 2012

Grand Bristol 2012

Res Imperial BOB Tabby Cat Club 2012

Theo has now retired.
He didn’t enjoy the show world especially the travel.
He will continue to live with us and enjoy life as a big part of our family.