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Champion & Grand Premier Isadoryou Casper (MCO es 03 11) – Casper


Champion & Premier Isadoryou Casper

Our lovely Cream Silver Shaded & White Maine Coon

1st Maidstone 2014
1st Eastern LH & SLH 2015
1st Camcats 2015

CC and all red cards MCCC 15
CC Eastern Counties 15
CC BOB all red cards Kensington 15.
Making him Champion in 3 shows at under 11 months old.

Now neutered.

PC red cards London 2018
PC BOB Three Counties 2018
PC BOB, BOV Section 2 Neuter West of England 2018
Making him Premier

Grand BOB Somerset CC 2018
Res Grand BOB West Country CC 2018
Grand BOB all red cards. SWCCC 2018
Grand, BOB Tabby CC 2018
Making him Grand Premier

BOB, Best of Variety Section 2 Neuter and Reserve Supreme Neuter Supreme 18
This counts as his first Imperial.

Imperial Yorkshire CCC 2018
BOB Cumberland CC 2018
Imperial BOB, all red cards Celtic 2019
Res Imperial Merseyside 2019
Imperial Supreme 2019