Lisa Aggett – Zaragazana Cats

My husband Paul, daughter Ella and I live in a  converted dairy farm on the outskirts of Thornby, Northamptonshire with our cats, 2 dogs Lily and Bella and 8 hens and our rescue rooster Henry.

As a child, when my Aunt’s farm cats had kittens, I always wanted to take one home with me. The answer was always the same “When you’ve got your own home you can have your own cats”. Not long after moving into my first new home, I bought  “Nermal”. He was a Siamese x Devon Rex variant  followed shortly by a seal point Siamese “Schmeisser”

I then started to visit cat shows meeting up with Schmeisser breeder and was soon looking into buying a “show quality” Siamese . I visited a breeder to view some kittens and returned home with Sukinfer Jack Frost a Foreign White. Jack’s first show was the Herts and Middex 1993, where he won first and Best of Breed. I was delighted and bitten by the show bug.

The Supreme Adult that year was Sup UK Gr Ch Shimileeta Sapphireprince owned and bred by Jenny Bauerfeind who lived locally. I contacted Jenny, who sold her one me one of Sapphireprince’s Daughters, my first breeding queen Gr Ch Shimileeta Zaragazana. Jenny and I started traveling to shows together and have been great friends ever since.

I now own some very successful Devon Rex and Maine Coons and have made some really good friends in the cat fancy.

All my cats are very much part of the family…