Grand Champion Isadoryou I-have-a-dream (Martin)

Grand Champion Isadoryou I-have-a-dream  Martin

MCO d 22

We are delighted to welcome Martin to our family.

Thank you Tania for our crazy little man.

1st BOB, Best of Variety SLH Kitten TCC 2017

1st Breed class, 1st Special kitten class Supreme 2017

1st breed class Yorkshire CCC 2017

1st breed class CRAOV 2017

1st breed class Maidstone & Medway 2017

1st BOB CLHCA 2018

1st BOB ELH&SLH CC 2018

1st BOB, all Red Cards Celtic 2018

1st BOB Croydon 2018

1st BOB, all Red Cards and Best of Variety SLH Kitten Southern Counties 2018

1st BOB Cov & Leic 2018.

Now adult

CC Preston & Blackpool CC 2018

CC BOB Essex CC 2018

CC Midland Counties 2018

CC Central LH &SLH CC 2018
Making him Champion

Grand Suffolk and Norfolk 2018

Grand BOB Cambria 2018

BOB Bristol 2018

Grand, BOB, all Red Card MCCC 2018
Making him Grand Champion

BOB London CC 2018

Imperial BOB Tabby CC 2018

Imperial BOB Supreme 2018

Imperial BOB Red Cards Cumberland CC 2018

Res Imperial BOB Red Cards Yorkshire 2018